Honouring Life

We provide funding to First Nations, Tribal Councils, First Nation organizations, Métis settlements and organizations, and service agencies that support Indigenous youth. Insert statement about eligibility of schools.

We use a model called The Community is the Medicine as our guide. This model has been developed in partnership with First Nation and Métis communities and Elders in Alberta, and blessed through ceremony.

We believe in coming together to create connections, recognize purposeful roles, develop culturally-rooted vision, and empower others.

Our vision is that Alberta’s Indigenous youth are:

•  Balanced, healthy and hopeful about their life journeys

•  Proud of their cultural identities

•  Confident in their ability to be successful in the community and in life

Our project team can help you through the funding application process. Visit ahs.ca/honouringlife or email honouringlife@ahs.ca for information and support.

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